Day 5.

Anyone who knows me or has my number knows very well that my favourite artist for 2k19 has to be Takura. The year was loaded with a bunch of changes in my life particularly in the way I think and behave. Growth people. So without question my BOTY Song of 2k19 would have to be Mungandidii by Takura.


The song talks about self confidence and not caring about what other people say about you. It was honestly a confidence booster for me. It’s one of those songs I listen to daily and I feel so much better and I’m not afraid to unapologetically be myself.

He sings about not letting what people say you can or cannot do, get to you because you can. People can’t do anything to you no matter how much they try. Haters will always hate, just live your life how you want to live it. The only love that matters is the one you give to yourself.

Favourite line: imbozvitarisa mu mirror (look at yourself ehh) wakapenga wakadaro,
ende usatombozvityira ehh, chero vakazama sei usatombozvidzikisira ehh Translation- take a look at yourself in the mirror, you’re awesome the way you are, no matter what they say or do, don’t look down upon yourself.

Image result for TAKURA

Check it out below.

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