Sometimes we do stupid things.

If someone asked me what made my 2019, 3 things would instantly pop up in my head. And the most outstanding happened about a month or so again, and to be honest, it really was the #BOTY experience.

Anyone who knows me, knows. I do not just comment on people’s business or even approach people. I stay in my bubble, so when I decided to shoot my shot, my ancestors were shook in their graves. I will not get into the details because that’s a post for another day but I will share why it was the best experience of 2019.

As I mentioned before I don’t normally step 2 mm outside my comfort zone because it’s a snug position, I dont have the energy to be looking for magic elsewhere. I found my magic right here. I still don’t know why I did it but I remember being a bag of emotions (as a first time it’s expected) from when I sent the message to when I got my response, even now I have random waves of “why did I do that”. I was happy, nervous, angry and disappointed. Happy because I did it, nervous because well you know and angry and disappointed because I thought, this is not you, why do this to yourself. But I do remember one distinct feeling, I felt like I had achieved something HUGE, because I can tell you now that ever since then, I’ve had a resounding boost in my confidence that I never had before and I don’t hesitate to speak my mind anymore. From something so insignificant something fantastic came out of it, and its definitely a story I’ll tell my grandkids about one day.

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