Day 8.

I’m a lover of food, a food lover, food is loved by me, me loves food. I think you get it. When I saw the next challenge I was in a dilemma because I just couldn’t think of what to write because how can you pick a favourite from soooooo many great options? It’s just impossible. So I had to narrow it down to one item which is sadza. The painful irony is I don’t like sadza, I think I like what comes with it.

Sadza is great in that you can eat it with anything, and I mean anything. My personal favourite and BOTY would have to be, sadza and oxtail, sadza and trotters, sadza and beans with fried vegetables, sadza and goat offals, sadza and roadrunner or as we call it nkukhu makhaya and sadza and beef bones. I think I should just change the title and call it Zimbabwean cuisine.

Growing up I hated it with my body and soul, now I absolutely love it, call it wisdom. I just wish I could go back and eat all the food I refused to eat, and devour it now because CRAVINGS!

2 thoughts on “#BOTY2019 DAY EIGHT:MEAL

  1. Growing up I didn’t like sadza… I still don’t know if I do, by itself it tastes rather bland like why couldn’t our ancestors pick pizza as a staple food… Anyhoo now I am all grown up can’t go a 7 days without sadza makes me weak 😅😂

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    1. 😂I used to ask that all the time, like who thought that it’s a good idea to grind up corn and put it in boiling water, other ancestors were coming up with pizza and fried potatoes but here we are with our sadza.
      😂😂exactly if you dont eat sadza your body doesn’t feel right.

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