Day 9.

Apart from the good laughs and occasional attacks, memes have given me one other good thing, WATER. From the popular saying, “drink water and mind your own business” I have gained a new BOTY drink.

Water is life water is bae, water is a teacher. I didn’t know I had to drink that much water to learn how to mind my own business till I adopted this motto in my life.

Water is that friend you often overlooked. While you’re busy with fanta and mirinda, water was just always in the background playing the supportive friend you didn’t know you needed. You even said some harsh words about your friend. “Water has such an awful taste”, hurting their feelings but the still stuck around. It’s only when your skins started breaking out and your nose was sticking a bit too much in other people’s business that yiu realised, water will always be here for you.

Now your skin is glowing, you’re minding your own business, yes you’re hitting the bathroom 10 times a day but it’s worth it because you’re a GODDESS thanks to water your best friend for all intensive purposes. Available in all shapes and sizes. They are even so flexible they come in different flavors and forms, what more could you ask for? No really what else?