20/20 Vision For Your Emotions.

Its officially 2k20, the year of 20/20 vision. As it is the new year I know a lot of us have set new year’s resolutions that we wish to complete before 2021. Like you I’m no different except this year I only have one resolution, and that is mastering the Art Of Controlling My Emotions.

Last year I learnt to mind my own business and gained a little bit more self love and now I’m ready to conquer the mountain that is my emotions.
We just entered a very stressful time of the year and some of us are in bad spaces. Money problems, relationship problems, friendship problems you name it, and your level of frustration is at an all time high and anything could trigger you.
Emotions are a natural human phenomena which are meant to happen but I get even more frustrated when emotions get the best of me and disrespect me, unprovoked.
We’ve all had those moments where you just can’t take it anymore and you burst destroying everything and anything within a 5km radius, figuratively. There’s nothing wrong with blowing off a bit of steam but there’s a time and place to do it. You don’t want to be that person people don’t want to be around because you really can’t handle your emotions well.

My weakness is crying. I will cry when hurt, I will cry when frustrated, I will cry just because I thought of crying. It’s as if all the water I drink diverts and makes a short left straight to my tear ducts. I don’t have a problem with liquid expulsion from the eyes, I just don’t like the after effects that come with it. Not only are my eyes puffy but everyone around me concludes that I am weak, a cry baby and worst of all “ngiyazenzisa/ndinozviitisa”, when in reality I’m just trying not to strangle someone.


It’s the year two thousand and twenty, year of 20/20 vIsion, and to achieve 20/20 vision your emotions must be in check. You can’t focus if you’re not in control.

So next time when you feel the tension and the frustration reaching breaking point take a deep breath and remember:

1)You do not have to react,

2)Find a distraction/ a healthier way of coping,

3)Take a break

4)Avoid your emotional triggers and remember,

You’re a BOSS, you got this.

With that I wish you all a productive and financially blessed 2020.

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